For Talents & Social Influencers,
UGC Creators and Consumers

Skyfion is more than a marketing platform and agency alone. With Skyfion+ Social Club, we keep building and developing a strong community within the creator economy. We work with talents & social influencers (Key Opinion Leaders) and user-generated content creators. But it doesn’t stop there. With our social club, we are also targeting the so-called Key Opinion Consumers. KOCs are consumers of products and services with a social media profile where KOCs share their honest opinion with family, friends, and close followers who trust the KOC when sharing their opinions.

With Skyfion+, we have a unique KOC program for Brands. We target KOCs for products or services they love and bring them into a pool for VIP promotion discounts and group buy. If you’re a Brand that wants to collaborate with this program, book a call so we can discuss a tailor-made campaign for you!