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Influencers, we call them talents, will fuel your influencer marketing campaign and promote your brand! Schedule a call to discuss what we can do for you.

Save the time you usually spend searching for influencers.

You are a solopreneur or business owner with a (small) team. And this often means a lot of work and daily tasks for you. Being such an entrepreneur makes time a valuable asset, and you have to spend your time wisely. You would rather spend the time growing your business and focus on your sales and products. So we will save you valuable time by taking over the influencer search. You give us your campaign criteria and information, and we will work this out for you.

Talents & Publishers Alliance

Influencers & Creators are at the forefront of social media. They all have some unique characteristics, and these characteristics make them talented. That is what makes human beings so unique. We believe in talents and call them experts in their niche and having something meaningful to share or tell. And transforming your brand story into a story told by talents is our mission for you. The keywords for this mission are authentic and trustworthy. Publishers are the other great opportunity to support your brand’s marketing strategy. Put a sponsored ad in a newsletter or publish an advertisement with a highly dedicated audience via their community. There are a lot of opportunities that we will guide you through.

The KOLs & KOCs

We work with two types of talents: Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs). Depending on your needs and campaign goals, we can determine which type perfectly matches your influencer marketing strategy. KOLs are the talents with a bigger audience. The KOCs may have fewer followers, but their audience is very engaged and resonates on a high level with the KOC. As the name already says, Key Opinion Consumers are just consumers like your clients are. And they need to honestly believe and love your product to be influential to their audience. We will take care of selecting the right influential people for you. 

Have you got some questions left? No problem, we answer them.

Will I see fast results? 
Influencer Marketing is a human-to-human connection. That already starts with the searching and selecting process of talents or publishers. It takes time to find the right people and promote a brand. So overnight success is not impossible when content goes viral, but not guaranteed.

Who will pay the talents or publishers?
That depends on the agreements upfront. In most cases, Skyfion will not interfere in the payment of talents and publishers; it’s your responsibility of yourself. But we are taking care that everybody gets paid for their work and you can expect that we will remind you if you forget a payment :-)

What is the price for an influencer marketing campaign? 
We can not give a price upfront, as influencer marketing campaigns are customized projects to make them authentically. After you’ve booked a strategy session call and talked about your goals, we can tell you more about the price.

Do you work with long-term contracts? 
No. We work with a monthly fee, where you can cancel every month. After cancellation, you need to pay the running month and the talents’ outstanding payments. That’s all.

Why do you offer influencer marketing next to social paid ads?
We believe in both methods. Sometimes, influencer marketing is more valuable and practical for a brand or product promotion. We will communicate this very openly to you and give you our advice. So actually, it’s excellent we offer both, so you have a one-stop-shop.

Do you also offer self-service?
Not yet. We are working hard to integrate this into our platform. In the future, you’ll also be able to search in our database and tell us with who you want to collaborate. Then we will assist you in setting up an influencer marketing campaign in a “done with you” form. But for now, we 100% manage your campaign (done for you).

Bring any question we didn’t answer here to the call.

Are you ready to kick-start your Influencer Marketing campaign?

Stop the long and laborious search for influencers. Instead, let us take over this process for you. And you can entirely focus on collaborating with the selection we will provide to you. So start your journey with us and book a call with us.