Let us manage your Influencer Marketing Campaigns!

Influencers, we call them Talents, will fuel your influencer marketing campaign and promote your brand! Schedule a call to discuss what we can do for you.

Save the time you usually spend setting up a whole campaign yourself

We manage your whole Influencer Marketing campaign from A to Z. You choose the Platform you want to execute the campaign, and we will search, select, and instruct the Talents based on your campaign input. You will be part of the creative process from the sideline, so you only have to make crucial decisions. We will take care of the rest. After the campaign, you will have a full report about performance and evaluation. And then, the cycle starts over again with newly selected Talents. You are keeping your Brand exposed that way.

Leverage the Creator Economy

Talents & Creators are at the forefront of social media. They all have some creativity that makes them unique, so their audience loves them for that. We believe in talents and call them experts in their niche and having something meaningful to share or tell. And transforming your Brand story into a story told by Talents is our mission for you. The keywords for this mission are authentic and trustworthy. With our new Brand, Skyfion+, we have founded a social club. And this community is the home for Talents & Content Creators who are active in the Creator Economy. With Skyfion+, we connect the two economies; the commercial economy and the creator economy. All to collaborate for meaningful and beautiful social media campaigns.

Our Talents are humanly selected

Sure, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future for many things. But does AI have emotional feelings? The answer is no. A social media outreach team does the Talents & Content Creator search. And this search also means that the Talents within our network are contacted and are warm opt-ins. Ready to collaborate with you about their interests. Humans see, understand, and feel the emotions and stories of other humans. And that is all about Influencer Marketing. Emotions and storytelling from human to a human about yours. Our Platform and third-party software are the technology that helps us orchestrate the campaigns. The rest has a human touch.

The KOLs & KOCs

We work with two types of talents: Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs). Depending on your needs and campaign goals, we can determine which type perfectly matches your influencer marketing strategy. KOLs are the talents with a bigger audience. The KOCs may have fewer followers, but their audience engages and resonates highly with the Key Opinion Consumers. As the name already says, Key Opinion Consumers are just consumers like your clients are. And they are most likely already brand advocates. That’s why we can set up unique KOC campaigns as well. Curious about how this works?

Have you got some questions left? No problem, we answer them

Will I see fast results? 
Influencer Marketing is a human-to-human connection. That already starts with the searching and selecting process of Talents and Content Creators. It takes time to find the right people and promote a brand. So overnight success is not impossible when content goes viral when finishing the selecting and briefing phase. But like paid social ads, you also have to A/B test things with Influencer Marketing.

Who will pay the Talents or Content Creators?
That depends on the agreements upfront. In most cases, Skyfion will interfere in the payment of Talents & Content Creators when you use our Agency service.

What is the price for an influencer marketing campaign? 
We can not give a price upfront, as influencer marketing campaigns are customized projects for each Brand. After you’ve booked a strategy session call and discussed your goals, we can tell you more about the price.

Do you work with long-term contracts? 
No. We work with a monthly fee, which you can cancel anytime.

Do you also handle content rights management?
We do when you are under the Agency services. We discuss and negotiate the content rights with the Talents and Content Creators. We can tell you more about this if you schedule a call.

Do you also offer self-service?
Yes! Campaign management is something you have to take care of yourself. We have an alternative for you if you are on a smaller budget. The Skyfion Marketing Platform is a Done With You Solution where you will get a warm Selection of Talents and Content Creators ready to collaborate with you. We will assist you with your campaign by support and advice for questions. 

Do you want to brainstorm about your next Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Influencer Marketing is a great way to reach new target audiences. But a good strategy and planning are necessary to make it successful when it comes to Influencer Marketing. Let us be your partner in Marketing to manage the campaigns for you entirely. Are you ready?