We are packing it all together for you on one Digital Marketing Platform.

Get on the Waitlist for the BETA Phase after Summer 2022!

Implement digital marketing in your business.

Build your foundation and transform your business into a digital one. With our platform, you start your next chapter of creating long-term business growth to make more money.

Do you take all digital opportunities yet?

Is the digital transformation of your business a hell of a task for you? But you know you need it to get more visitors, leads, and clients? Next to the daily business, you have to execute the implementation of digital marketing is not accessible if you don’t know where to start and how to do it the right way. But don’t worry. We have the solution for you. We’re packing all our knowledge together with coaching and guidance possibilities so you can reach your goals easier.

Why us?

Social Media is our DNA. Skyfion started in the automotive industry focusing on the social media promotion of car dealerships with social media influence. We’ve seen that these companies were missing many opportunities to use social media to their odds. A fact is that some companies which have worked with us are using social media differently nowadays after we’ve shown them the potential to promote there organically with influential forces.

On the other hand, it’s a time-consuming and challenging way to grow your social media community fast. And if you need fast traffic to your website, it’s no option to wait that long. But there is an alternative. Using others’ influence and reach on social media. Influencers and publishers who are active in your niche or industry.

Get more sales with a social media reach

Organic growth via social media takes a while, that’s for sure. But there is an alternative to reaching your target group on social media. Paid advertising is an option, but if you want to run them by yourself, it’s time-consuming to learn the skills to do so. And you also have to set up the paid advertising campaigns yourself.

Curious about the impact on your business? The Skyfion Marketing Platform with online access is your solution for business growth and more sales! Put yourself on the waitlist where we select an exclusive group of entrepreneurs for the beta phase after the summer of 2022.

The platform features at a glance:

✔ Online access to Talents & Publishers Alliance Database (after the beta phase).

✔ Post your influencer marketing campaigns on the platform (after the beta phase).

✔ Post your discount codes on the platform (after the beta phase) 

✔ Tailored search rounds for Talents & Publishers (part of the beta phase)

✔ Knowledge Base Access with workbooks and templates about digital marketing (part of the beta phase)

✔ Ticket support system for quick help and answers to your questions (part of the beta phase)

But what's most important?

Your Result! Within our Alliance, you will find the social media reach for your product or service promotion. And you will learn how to build your funnels, sales- and landing pages. Because when your target group comes your way, you want to convert them into clients on your web pages.

Here are some facts

With the Talents & Publishers Alliance database, you will collaborate with people who have social media influence. You don’t need thousands of followers yourself. Just use the social media reach of others to promote your products or service out there.

Once we have closed the beta phase, you will have access to a complete knowledge base with topics like how to write a sales page or set up a whole sales funnel. Imagine Influencers will promote your product or service. Your sales or landing page needs to be tip-top when sending traffic there! In our platform knowledge base, you will learn how to do that. And much more! Such as contract templates for collaborations with social media talents.

You can learn a lot in courses. But they are expensive as hell! We believe in the power of e-learning. But we don’t believe in a massive price for that. You learn all you need in the platform knowledge base when working with our alliance members. We charge a membership fee for Alliance and knowledge base access together. You can cancel any time.

Get yourself on the waiting list!

The Skyfion Marketing Platform access provides you with a network of people at the forefront of social media. You will have influential social media Talents and Publishers at hand. But it doesn’t stop there. We will guide you through the digital marketing measurements necessary to convert the traffic into paying clients. We will create and constantly update our Digital Marketing Knowledge Base with the newest trends and developments within the digital marketing industry. Sounds good so far?

On top of this, we offer tailored search rounds to keep fueling your influencer marketing campaigns. All of this is for a subscription membership fee.

Do you want to get notified when the beta phase starts to get a seat in the selection pool of entrepreneurs? Put yourself on the list.