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Collaborate with our Creator Economy network to let your Brand become more influential on Social Media. We help you do this with a “Done With You” approach for smaller marketing budgets.

Grow your business with Influencer Marketing & UGC Campaigns

Organic growth via social media takes a while, that’s for sure. And Paid Social Advertising isn’t as easy as it was since the iOS 14 update. For both cases, we have a solution for you. With Influencer Marketing, we will find Talents for you who become your Brand Ambassadors. It saves you time and allows you to contact warm prospects to collaborate with if you find them a fit. And this gives you access to the Talent’s audiences, your potential target group.

And if you’re running paid social advertising or building a community organically, we have the User-Generated Content solution for you. We also create a Content Creator selection of warm prospects for you to reach out to. Set up a campaign with them and receive UGC videos for your organic social media or paid ads.

Curious about the impact on your business? Start immediately taking advantage of the Creator Economy. The Skyfion Marketing Platform with online access is your business growth solution! And we are always at the sideline to support you with campaign questions.

Why us?

Social Media is our DNA. Skyfion started in the automotive industry focusing on the social media promotion of car dealerships with social media influence and user-generated content. We’ve seen that these companies were missing many opportunities to use social media to their odds. A fact is that some companies which have worked with us are using social media differently nowadays after we’ve shown them the potential to promote on social media.

But we also know it’s time-consuming to manage social media marketing. And if you need a lot of traffic to your website, it’s no option to work inefficiently or with no strategy. But there is an alternative. Using others’ influence and reach on social media. Influencers and Content Creators who are active in your industry and niche.

Help & Support is always nearby

The advantage of our Marketing Platform for Influencer Marketing & UGC Campaigns is that there is always help and support within your reach. We have a support ticket system where you can submit your questions about influencer marketing or UGC campaign advice when collaborating with Talents and Content Creators. It’s a Done With You approach that fits your smaller marketing budget more than fully managed campaigns by our Agency.

You’re in good hands when working with us. Another great feature is exclusive access to our Discord community, where you will find a community setting of like-minded entrepreneurs. We also have a Help Center with documentation for several topics. For example, if you need to know how to set up a landing page, no problem; you can find it there. If you need instruction for a content creator on how to framework your ad creative, it’s available there too.

Here are some facts

With our Creator Economy Selection, you will collaborate with people who have social media influence. You don’t need ten or a hundred thousand followers yourself. Just use the social media reach of others to promote your products or service and build your community around your Brand.

Influencers on TikTok or Instagram are posting their organic content with massive reach. So, your paid social ads compete against the Content in the feed. The solution? User-Generated Content! UGC competes well with others’ travel images or meme posts. And the best thing about it? Your content is an ad, but it does not look like that.

Once you access our marketing platform, you can immediately create your Influencer Marketing or UGC campaign. With the information you provide, we can source within our network or the social media landscape to compose a selection of social media personalities that resonate with your brand and target audience.

How It Works



Create your campaign with our online tool, and give us your input to source Content Creators.


View the Creator Economy Selection we have for you, which we will present in your personalized data table.


You can now reach out to the warm Creator Economy Applicants, which we have vetted upfront for you.


Choose your favorite Talents and Content Creators and start your collaboration. We are available for support and questions.

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Our Special Invitation For You

We invite you to start a free trial to see what we can do for you and your Brand. We focus on saving you time and growing your business. You will find anything you need for Influencer Marketing and UGC campaigns on our Platform. Our platform targets brands with a smaller marketing budget for a “Done With You” approach. Sounds good? So, what are you waiting for to let your Brand become more influential on social media?


Influencer Marketing is collaborating with Influencers (we call them Talents) who become your Brand Ambassadors and share their passion for your product or service with their audience. Your Brand gets exposed and grows in popularity and conversion, and sales.
UGC focuses on getting your video content about your product or service, which you can use for marketing. For example, as a paid social ad. But it doesn't look like an ad :-)

Yes. Because a Talent (Influencer) can also be a Content Creator and vis versa. But when focussing on UGC campaigns, we not only search for Creators who have a bigger audience because it's about the content you can use for your marketing. With UGC, selecting somebody passionate about the product or service and an excellent fit to appear on camera is more important than having a huge audience.

We fully take care of this if you use our Agency services. But as we offer a "Done With You" solution with the Platform, we do not take care of payments to the Talents and Creators. We communicate the rates within the presented selection. If you contact the selected Talents and Creators you want to collaborate with, you must take care of the complete agreement and make the payment yourself. But you can always consult us via our Support Ticket system for questions regarding that topic.

Your subscription is a monthly payment. After payment is made automatically, a new month will start. You can cancel at any time before the next payment takes place. If the trial period ends and you did not cancel before, the monthly paid subscription starts automatically.

Within the trial period, there is a limited amount of Talents and Content Creators we will present. After the trial period ends, there is no limitation. But the amount always depends on the industry, niche, and your campaign input.