A few creative projects we have executed over the years


Custom Car Cleaning

  • Landing page

    The landing page to opt-in for Skyfion World Membership where the audience was sent to from social media paid ads.
  • The E-book

    The downloadable Ebook is written by the car detailing expert Bart as the lead magnet for the opt-in as a member.

Together with Custom Car Cleaning (www.customcarcleaning.nl), we have developed a project to promote the company’s webshop with an ebook about the handwashing procedure of the detailing expert Bart Philippens, owner of the company. The second purpose of this project was to grow our e-mail list for the upcoming Skyfion World Community, where members can get special offers and discounts from our partners. The landing page served as a lead magnet to which we led the traffic. And this traffic came from Instagram paid ads and organic promotion on several own social media accounts. 


Wealer Autogroep

  • Audi A1

    In the color Python yellow and brand new - content creation in the city.
  • Volkswagen Arteon

    A superb photo shooting and Instagram promotion with a luxurious black Arteon.

Always special to collaborate with Wealer. This time with a Volkswagen Arteon and the brand new Audi A1. The Arteon photoshoot was in a castle area. The Audi A1 was photographed in the City Heerlen near the Maankwartier (Railway station) and posted on Instagram with a superb reach of audiences.


Mengelers Groep

  • Toyota Corolla

    Toyota in Skyfion Red color. It was a lovely sunny photo shooting day with the new Corolla in the Maastricht area.
  • Toyota C-HR

    Promotion at Instagram with this Hybrid Toyota.

We’ve executed content production for our Instagram profile with two hybrid Toyota cars, the C-HR and the brand new Corolla. The promotion cooperation was with Mengelers Groep, a Toyota, Lexus, and Suzuki dealership. With the Toyota C-HR content, we reached audiences in Japan even, as these cars have a massive fanbase in that country.


BMW Keram

  • BMW i3

    The Fully electric BMW and the first project car for a promotional photo shooting for the Skyfion World Community.
  • BMW i8

    Hybrid BMW with wing doors. It was exceptional and fantastic to drive and, of course, to promote!

The BMW i3 will be memorable for us on a lifetime basis. It was the first project car of Skyfion World Community for the Instagram profile we started to build at the beginning of 2018. In cooperation with the BMW Keram dealership, we also did a photo shooting with the BMW i8 Carbon Edition in mid-2018. The Carbon Edition is a limited version only available for the Dutch market.

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