Let us be your Creative Director for Social Media Content.

Scale your social media organic or paid ads with user-generated content that engages naturally with your audience. 

Focus on your skills - As we do

You, as an entrepreneur, don’t want to stroll over the social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram to find the content creator talents of tomorrow. We can understand it because it’s time-consuming and takes a lot to arrange and orchestrate with the creative heads. We have a talents & publishers alliance at hand to select the content creators for your brand promotion. Done for you means we take the work off your shoulders when operating as your creative director.

Why should you book a call with us?

Discover our seamless digital marketing hybrid agency hosted on our platform, where you find all communication and material in one place, such as creative campaign details, performance reports, and marketing academy resources to help you scale.

We provide the video script framework for the content creators with a hook, education/information, and call to action. So you have control over the production of the content creation. 

✔ Learn more about digital marketing with our marketing academy to make the digital marketing foundation complete for your business — for example, the best way to create or optimize a landing page about your product or service. 

✔ We handle the negotiations and content rights management for you so that you can focus on your business operations. 

Enough reasons to discuss and want to find out more about a partnership?

Some answers to obvious questions

Which social media platform is the content most suitable for?
We mainly focus on TikTok as it is the fastest growing social media platform right now. But you can also use the content for Instagram or Facebook in addition. 

Will I see fast results? 
We have a content creation framework and creative process in place. If content hits an emotion and goes viral, you will see fast results in views and engagement on your ads. But we believe we must create content and adjust on the go, to vet what works and what does not. A/B testing with ads is the same process. So we can not promise that content will go viral, but we know the ingredients to work on that. It would be best to consider this when starting with user-generated content.

Do I need to have an optimized website?
Absolutely. If content creators send the online traffic to your website, it’s best to work with a dedicated landing page as part of your sales funnel. If you’re an e-commerce brand, please ensure your website is optimized, and the payment process runs as smoothly as possible to convert the leads.  

Who will take care of the payment of the user-generated content?
We will take care of that, except for the barter deals. If the users get free products or access to a service, you need to take care of this (shipping and handling costs). 

I run my social paid ads myself, but I would need some help. Do you also offer assistance with social paid ads?
That is not included in our services. It’s best to find somebody to coach you in media buying. Suppose you decide to outsource your paid social ads fully. In that case, we can discuss how to take this over as an additional service when the collaboration for user-generated content is satisfying. 

I started my company recently, and I do not have many sales. Is that a problem?
We will vet if your product or service finds market validation. If that is the case, we can discuss how to get user-generated content started for your brand by introducing you to TikTok as a platform to begin organically. 

Is user-generated content something for my E-commerce brand? 
Yes, because people who see other consumers (the content creating user) with your product, talking about it, seeing it in action, are already aware of it in an entertained way. And the engaging video doesn’t look like an ad appearing in the social media platform’s feed. 

Do you also offer social paid ads? 
We do, but it’s not our leading service at the moment. If we successfully collaborate with UGC services where a client is satisfied, we open up the gates for paid social ads for TikTok and other social media platforms. 

What is the price of your User-Generated Content service? 
That highly depends on your needs. We want to discuss the campaign’s scope, and then we can tell you upfront what the price will be for the fulfillment and delivery in exchange for the monthly fee. 

Bring any question we didn’t answer here to the call. 

How do we proceed? ​


Your Business Goals

We identify your business goals with an online workshop to build the foundation for our partnership.

Strategic Plan

We create your content creation plan, which helps to reach your goals (as part of other digital marketing activities you have).

Remove obstacles

We also will identify points to improve and remove obstacles in the creative process on the path to your business goals.

Let users (consumers) post about your brand products or services like it's a natural thing. Book a call!